Sailing Documents
Dinghy Racing Documents
A Guide to Racing
(Uploaded: Dec 10)
Chart - Binness Race Detail
(Uploaded: Aug 18)
Chart - In Harbour Racing Area
(Uploaded: Aug 17)
Chart - Out of Harbour 2018
(Uploaded: Aug 18)
Chart - Whole Harbour 2018
(Uploaded: May 19)
Club Event & Trophy Descriptions
(Uploaded: Jun 18)
Dinghy Handicaps 2018 Season
(Uploaded: Mar 18)
Dinghy Sailing Intructions 2017
(Uploaded: Nov 17)
Flag & Sound Signals for racing
(Uploaded: Aug 18)
General risk assessment for Tudor Sailing Club dinghy races and cruises Published v1
(Uploaded: May 18)
Langstone Harbour Combined Clubs Series 2019 NOR
(Uploaded: May 19)
Light Sequences of Harbour Marks
(Uploaded: Apr 17)
(Uploaded: Jan 14)
Racing Rules Guide 2013 to 2016
(Uploaded: May 13)
Sailing Instructions - Pursuit Races 2016
(Uploaded: Aug 16)
Tudor SC Race Officer Documents
Base Station Operation
(Uploaded: Mar 15)
Dinghy RO Duties & Responsibilities 2015
(Uploaded: Feb 15)
Dinghy RO Summary Guide 2015
(Uploaded: Feb 15)
Pursuit Race Start 2019
(Uploaded: May 19)
RO - Signing On Sheet
(Uploaded: May 12)
RYA Racing Results Calulation Spreadsheet
(Uploaded: May 13)
Saturday & Summer Series Guidance 2015
(Uploaded: Feb 15)
Short course racing course design
(Uploaded: Jul 13)
Cruiser Section links
(Uploaded: May 19)
Cruiser Course Sheet (Short)
(Uploaded: Apr 12)
Cruiser Rig Declaration Form
(Uploaded: Apr 12)
Forts and Fairways
(Uploaded: Sep 14)
Gould Trophy RI
(Uploaded: May 18)
Nab Tower sailing instructions
(Uploaded: Sep 16)
riley sailing instructions
(Uploaded: Jun 17)
Sailing Instructions - GENERAL (April 2012)
(Uploaded: May 12)
Patrol Boat Guidence Notes
Dory Kill Cord Installation Guide
(Uploaded: Jul 12)
New RIB Operating Instructions
(Uploaded: Aug 14)
Patrol Boat Equipment
(Uploaded: May 15)
Patrol Boat Guidelines 2014
(Uploaded: Jan 14)
Patrol Boat Training L1
(Uploaded: Sep 15)
Patrol Boat Training L2
(Uploaded: Sep 15)
Other Sailing Committee Documents
Adult Dinghy Event Policy
(Uploaded: Feb 15)
Guidelines and rules of usage for club boats v14
(Uploaded: Dec 18)
Information for New Members
(Uploaded: Feb 14)
Sailing Committee Job Descriptions 2017
(Uploaded: May 17)
Sailing Development Plan
(Uploaded: Apr 15)